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Corporate Affairs

For us, making beer means adding joy to our communities and our society. Helping the communities where we operate grow and develop in a sustainable manner is our Corporate Affairs team’s responsibility. We are an important and active community member, maintaining fair and long-lasting relations with external stakeholders, our own employees and partners.


It’s not just about the numbers! Our colleagues in the finance department get to see the big picture: strategize, monitor performance, create processes which contribute to the company’s long term growth and much more!

Human Resources

We couldn’t be so successful without committed, bold, curious, cooperative and empowering people! Our Human Resources team knows that people are the essential ingredient in the success of our business. We have a special relation with talent. We find those people who are a match to our culture, we nurture their development along the way and we recognize those colleagues doing a great job. From recruitment, to development, to engagment and motivation – our HR team is in charge of all people-related aspects.

Information Systems (IS)

Some of the first colleagues you’ll meet or interact with when joining Ursus Breweries are our colleagues from the IS team. They make sure that we all have the proper tools to do a great job, as well as the systems in place to keep our operations going.  The teams within this department also implement new technologies that help the company maintain its competitive advantage. So if you’re tech savvy and love new systems and online tools, this is the team for you!


When you want a beer, you just head to the nearest store, find your favourite brand, buy it and return home. Have you ever wondered how the beer reached the store shelves? Our Supply Chain team maintains the balance between the demand and supply which involves activities starting with the procurement of raw materials needed in manufacturing up to ensuring the on-time delivery to our customers – be it a supermarket, small convenience store near your house or a restaurant.


Do you know why our beers taste so good? Because they are made by our Manufacturing team with care and passion, from the finest ingredients. Our colleagues make sure that the beer which comes out from our breweries is of the highest quality and taste. From Brewing and Packaging to Engineering and Quality Assurance, our colleagues use the newest technologies to brew the beers which bring such joy to Romanians.


Creativity, vision, energy and passion – what our Marketing team is all about! We can guarantee that working with the most loved beer brands in Romania and shaping their future will be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. Think the next big campaign idea is yours? Apply for a job in Marketing!


Water, malt and hops are the key ingredients for making a good and high quality beer. But the technologies, the energy, the materials we use play just as an important role. That is why our Procurement team’s work is so significant: it helps us select the highest quality and sustainable materials and services in order to produce, deliver, sale and promote the most loved beers in Romania.

Sales and Trade Marketing

Dynamism, strategic thinking, lasting relationships – these are the key words when we think of our colleagues in Sales and Trade Marketing! They are the link between our great beers and our customers! We take pride in investing in long-term partnerships based on trust and listening to our customers’ needs. So if you believe you’ve got what it takes to represent some truly amazing products, join our Sales & Trade Marketing team!

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