Policy on commercial communication

Ursus Breweries has assumed the responsibility of establishing and adhering to self-regulatory principles in all its communication activities. These principles have been developed at a group level by Asahi Europe & International and are equally applied in all countries where the Group has operations.

At the same time, Ursus Breweries, as a member of the Brewers of Romania Association, supports the efforts of the beer industry by promoting a responsible attitude towards alcohol consumption, an attitude reflected in the principles of the Commercial Communication Code.

To this effect, any natural person, legal person or state entity can notify us regarding possible deviations or violations of the principles of the Ursus Breweries Policy on Commercial Communication, at the following e-mail address:

In order to submit a notification correctly, thus simplifying its registration and settlement, please write the notification with concision and clarity and always specify: the object of the notification, which are the elements liable to violate the Policy on Commercial Communication, which stipulations may be violated, in your opinion, by Ursus Breweries commercial communications and, last but not least, your contact details so that we can send you the answer to the complaint

We kindly ask you to also attach the materials you refer to or, if you are unable to do so, always state exactly where the commercial communication in question was seen (for example, for TV commercials - on which station, day and time; for print - publication, publication number and page; for internet - page address, etc.).