URSUS recycling at Untold 2019

We supported the organizers’ commitment to turn Untold into a sustainable festival this year as well, deploying some activities for this purpose.

This year, URSUS introduced at Untold the recyclable paper cups for serving draught beer, promoting a responsible behavior regarding the environment. Moreover, the participants had the opportunity to collect the paper cups in two special containers, placed in the URSUS terrace area.

With our partners’ (Can Pack Recycling, EveryCanCounts România and GreenPoint Management) support, we brought again at this edition of the festival 5 machines for aluminium can collection, which work based on the ECOCAN intelligent system for collection.

The untolders were invited to return the beer cans they’ve consumed during the festival, in order to protect the environment, and they were rewarded with party accessories, based on the number of cans introduced in the collecting machine: 3 cans for a retro stickers set, 6 cans for a pin badge, 12 cans for a T-shirt from URSUS UNTOLD 2019 collection.

At the end of the four days of festival, a little over 60.000 cans (991 kg of aluminium) were collected for recycling purpose. These will turn into as many new cans in 60 days. During the festival, we gave 4500 awards to participants who collected cans.