Live with measure

In 2006, we launched the “Live with measure!” national programme, with the goal of promoting a balanced lifestyle among young people. At the same time, through the programme, we encouraged an open dialogue regarding addictions.

Within this programme, we addressed students from the 8 most important university centers in Romania, where we organized 22 debates regarding addictions.

Through the “Live with measure!”social reponsibility programme we aimed to promote the responsible alcohol consumption as a part of a healthy lifestyle, because young people are predisposed to give in to certain temptations that may lead to different addictions and this thing can cause damages, both to an individual level and in the community they are part of.

The project continued in 2007, when we launched the website, an online platform that allowed us to communicate easier and more efficiently with the younger generation. The website has also been an information instrument, where a lot of details regarding the programme were published.