Zero La Mie App

As a responsible player in the beer industry, we are constantly working to educate traffic participants on the negative effects of driving under alcohol influence. The most recent initiative in this direction aims to raise the awareness level through the Zero La Mie mobile app, which helps drives see if they meet the legal requirements to get behind the wheel, thus contributing to a safer and more responsible traffic.

The Zero La Mie App, first launched in 2011, in partnership with the Romanian Traffic Police and the Institute of Forensic Medicine, was relaunched in 2019, with new functionalities, and is part of the Despre responsible consumption platform. The development of the new version of Zero La Mie started from the results of the ”Social attitudes regarding the risk in traffic 2018” study, which indicated that a significant percent of Romanian drivers is still driving after they consumed alcohol.

A testing tool for its users, the app is in the same time an informative tool that reiterates that fact that the legal limit of alcohol when driving a car in Romania is 0‰. Zero La Mie allows users to find out the estimated time in which the blood alcohol level returns to 0 ‰, by going through five simple steps. Based on the data filled in the bio section, such as gender, height, weight, quantity and type of alcohol consumed, but also the interval of consumption, it is estimated an approximate time required to return to zero per thousand blood alcohol levels. If the user has consumed food during the alcohol consumption period, it is recommended to add 90 minutes to the result indicated by the app. 

”Test your balance” is a new functionality of the app, through which the users can check their reflexes and control. In order to do that, the users have to access the smartphone’s camera directly from the app. On the screen, a guidance line will appear and the users have to follow it. If they succeed to walk straight, the users pass the test. If not, they are recommended to call a friend or a cab.

Zero La Mie is available both for smartphones with Android system and for those with an iOS one.

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