Ursus recycling at UNTOLD 2018

In 2018, we’ve supported the commitments of organizers to transform UNTOLD into a sustainable festival.

We’ve brought for the first time to UNTOLD the ECOCAN intelligent collection system, with the help of our partners, Can Pack Recycling, EveryCanCounts Romania and GreenPoint.

The festival-goers were invited to return the beer cans consumed within the festival, in order to protect the environment, and they were rewarded with fun accessories, depending on the number of cans introduced in the collection devices: 3 cans for a set of retro stickers, 5 cans for a festival flag, 10 cans for a t-shirt from the URSUS UNTOLD 2018 collection.

At the end of the 4 festival days, over 40.000 cans were collected, totaling over 700 kg. .