Ciucaș recycling at Oktoberfest 2018

Ciucaș continued the implementation of collection initiatives within the 2018 edition of the Oktoberfest festival in Brașov.

Together with CanPack Recycling, EveryCanCounts Romania, GreenPoint, and SIGUREC, Ciucaș has brought over, for the first time at Oktoberfest, the ECOCAN smart system, for cans collection, and SIGUREC system for plastic-cups collection. Thus, within the festival grounds, 3 devices for aluminum can collection and 2 devices for plastic cup collection were placed.

Those who contributed to the collection activities were rewarded: 6 plastic cups or aluminium cans for a Ciucaș garland, 10 plastic cups or aluminium cans for a Ciucaș hat.

During the 11 days of the festival, 40 kg of plastic and 4000 aluminium cans were collected for recycling purpose.