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Buzau Brewery

"Vulturul S.A." Buzau was the first acquisition which the South African Breweries made in Romania, thus marking the beginning of the group’s investments in our country. Ever since, Ursus Breweries Buzau has undergone a continuous modernisation process through the acquisition of state-of-the-art technological equipment and the expansion of production capacities.


The brewery in Buzau became operational in 1978 and had a production capacity of 500,000 hl/year.


1991 the company became a joint stock company and changed its name into S.C. "Vulturul S.A." Buzau.


1996 the brewery in Buzau was purchased by the South African Breweries Group.


2005 Ursus Breweries started two investment projects with a total value of EUR 50 million for the expansion and development of the brewery. After the project was completed the brewery in Buzau increased its weekly beer production by 150%.



2009 Ursus Breweries completed the last investment stage of EUR 42 million, which positioned the brewery in Buzau as one of the largest breweries in its field in Romania.


The investments made at this stage have led to the expansion and modernization of production facilities and to the installation of new equipment for producing new beer assortments, such as Redd’s and Ursus Non-Alcoholic.


At the same time these investments contribute to reducing the utilities' consumption in the brewery and to decreasing the environmental impact of its operations.


As of 2010 the investments were focused on projects aiming at the decrease of the consumption of utilities, at ensuring legal compliance (consolidation of buildings that were marked as carrying a high seismic risk) and at optimising the production costs.


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