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Poți încărca atât CV, cât și scrisoare de recomandare.


Poți încărca atât CV, cât și scrisoare de recomandare.


Poți încărca atât CV, cât și scrisoare de recomandare.


  • Corporate Affairs

    Our team of Corporate Affairs shows dedication and respect towards society and the environment.


    How can we brew more beer using less water? How can we reduce irresponsible drinking? How can we continue to reduce our carbon footprint? How do we track, monitor and communicate our outstanding successes in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development?


     These are some of the questions that our Corporate Affairs teams answer and the challenges they help solve. We’re in the business of brewing beer, but we’re committed to doing this in the most ethical, environmentally sustainable and transparent way possible. SABMiller is determined to give back to society and has made a commitment of doing what is right.


    Ursus Breweries offers Corporate Affairs careers across a wide range of opportunities at every level, including: Media Relations, Investor Relations, Government Relations, Alcohol Industry Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Internal Communications and Reputation Management.

  • Financial

    Our Finance teams analyse and monitor our performance whilst providing detailed understanding on how our company can constantly improve efficiencies, increase profits and reduce costs.


    Ursus Bereweries builds teams that understand the complexity and dynamics of a business in constant transformation, in a rapidly changing market. They create and implement strategies for sustainable financial growth and provide appropriate regulatory frameworks to ensure that our business will continue to be a good choice for long term investment.


    Ursus Breweries offers Finance careers across a wide range of opportunities at every level, including: Accounting, Commercial Finance Management, Corporate Finance and Development, Tax, Treasury, Financial Planning and Analysis, Reporting and Control, Strategy, Audit and Risk.

  • Human Resources

    SABMiller’s Human Resource strategies are well known to be a key differentiator between us and the competition. We invest in this department as many resources as in any other key departments in order to develop complex and effective processes, to ensure that we identify, develop and maintain the best people together to build the best company.


    Our people are the ones who make Ursus Breweries the company that it is today. Our business is successful because our HR teams understand business objectives, work proactively to build lasting partnerships within the company and to understand the long-term commercial value of our people.


    Ursus Breweries offers Human Resource careers across a wide range of opportunities at every level, including: HR Generalists, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Organisational Design, Learning and Development and Compensation Management.

  • Marketing

    The marketing team has the challenge, and that considerable responsibility to promote a portfolio of highly complex brands of beers, both local and international: URSUS, Ciucas, Redd's, Oak, Azuga, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Grolsch, Pilsner Urquell.


    By maximizing the potential of local brands, developing innovative new brands and introducing international brands into new markets, we ensure that our brands are the first choice of consumers.


    Ursus Breweries offers Marketing careers across a wide range of opportunities at every level, including Brand Management, Innovation, Brand Communications, Market Development, Consumer Insights, Market Research, Trade and Category Marketing.

  • IT Department (Information Technology)

    In this department you will have the opportunity to own an essential role in the support functions. Teams within the department provide constant and correct operation, systems’ optimization (hardware and software) and implementation of new technologies to help the company to maintain its competitive advantage.


    Ursus Breweries offers Information Systems careers across a wide range of opportunities at every level, including: Business Systems, Application Architecture, Portal Services, Technology Services, Programme Office, Information Security and Commercial Services.

  • Technical/ Production Department

    Employees in the departments of brewing, bottling, Engineering, Quality Assurance and Supply Chain work to the highest technical standards, being part of a professional team which has as main objective to achieve operational excellence in the technical department.


    Ursus Breweries is one of the first companies in Romania which has applied the principles and practices of World Class Manufacturing production. At the heart of these principles is the continuous professional development of our employees, maintenance of equipment based on advanced techniques and management processes and the quality of our plants.


      Global Initiative for Sustainable Development SABMiller "Ten Priorities. One Future. "With certifications obtained to implement management systems ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 confirms the attention we pay to our products and the environment in which we operate.


    Ursus Breweries offers careers in the technical department for all levels of training, opportunities ranging from local or regional roles such as specialist or technician trained for mechanical, electrical, automation, food chemistry and management work to operational management roles where responsibilities become more and more complex, also in related areas such as project management, industrial strategy and database administrators.

  • Procurement

    The success of a business is developed and maintained by an amount of important factors. Our purchasing department is conducting its contribution under this success due to exceptionally managing logistics.


    Identifying and selecting the raw materials of the highest quality at the best price, managing transportation costs, all under a clear promise of ethical, ecological and sustainable trade, procurement department offers challenging careers, a wide range of opportunities at every level in areas such as procurement of raw materials, equipment and services.

  • Demand Chain

    An essential point in the relationship with our clients through all areas of the department, its expertise ensuring final customer satisfaction, demand chain involves estimating demand, warehousing and physical distribution market products Ursus Breweries and constantly communicating with customers on specific matters, namely consisting of Demand Planning, National Center for Distribution and Customer Service.


    Demand Planning team conducts a detailed forecast customer demand, through professional methods and collaboration with sales force. Forecast demand is the main input for production planning and National Distribution Centre team plan nationwide orders received per day and distribution center considering a number of factors (stock availability, cost distribution, fresh beer)


    The single point of contact for client service status information on orders and documents, quality complaints, return packaging or inconsistent delivery is maintained by customer service team.


    Ursus Breweries offers careers in the department Demand Chain through a wide range of opportunities at every level, in areas such as logistics and distribution management planning.

  • Sales and Distribution

    Being responsible for managing current business relationships, developing new business opportunities and contributing with ideas for brand positioning and success, our sales and distribution teams work continuously to raise standards and outcomes each year.


    Along with the marketing department, sales and distribution teams develop and apply innovative strategies, building long-term relationships with our trading partners and contributing significantly to increasing the company's success.


    Ursus Breweries offers careers in Sales departments through a wide range of opportunities at every level, in areas such as Regional and National Key Account Management, Sales Management, Distributor Management Planning, developing distribution channels and Category Management.


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