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Timisoara Brewery

Timisoara Brewery was purchased by SABMiller plc. in 2001 and is the place where Timisoreana  beer was first brewed.
Established in 1718, at the initiative of the Austrian authorities ruled by Prince Eugene of Savoy, Timisoara Brewery has gained an important position, namely  satisfying a  widely-spread need: to supply the town with drinking water.
From the time of its establishment and as far as to the 1800 the production capacity was of approximately 5.000 hl/year. The current location preserves the traces of the ancient times through the presence of the former buildings (the administrative building, the building where the beer was boiled and the chimney of the direct fired boiler).
Throughout its existence the brewery was credited with the well-deserved recognition of the brewers, due to certain technological premieres: the beer filter (1920), new brewery premises endowed with state of  the art equipment (1960-1962), the aluminum keg replacing the wooden one (1968). Further to 1975, the investments were directed towards introduction of new technologies in the bottling line and keg packaging.







After 1990 significant efforts were made to increase the quality of the beer and to meet consumer expectations. The brewery was equipped with an ultra-performing cold sterilization filtering system, and the aluminum kegs were replaced with stainless steel tanks.
Such investments and modernization works carried out throughout the years led to national and international recognition of the brewery and national and international prestige – two bronze medals awarded in Budapest in 1855 and Arad in 1890, the silver medal awarded in Arad in 1891, the Grand Prize in Timisoara in 1908, two first places at Brasov’s Gold Medal in 1993 and in London in 1985.
At the end of 1999, one of the most performing Krones bottling lines in the country was acquired, assembled and commissioned. The line is fully automated and has a capacity of 120 hl/hour.
Timisoara Brewery was purchased in 2001 by SABMiller plc.


Starting with 2004 and until 2005 Ursus Breweries invested more than EUR 15 million in a project aimed at the modernisation of the Brewery in Timisoara.
2009 Ursus Breweries announced the completion of an important investment stage for the modernisation and extension of the production capacities of its brewery in Timisoara by over 200%.
An investment project in value of more than EUR 50 million was developed throughout a period of two years and involved a number of 80 companies and more than 1,000 individuals.
The investment included the assembly of new, modern and performing beer production and bottling lines, meant to ensure the compliance with the highest product safety standards in the food industry. New equipment and computer programs were set up to control the production process, management and quality assurance systems through the implementation of best operating practices the new bottling lines ensure production flexibility, as these are adjusted to different types of packaging: glass, PET, can and keg.
In line with the principles related to sustainable development, which are paramount to Ursus Breweries, the investment included also the commissioning of new equipment for energy recovery and reuse, such as the biogas plant and waste waters treatment plant.


The above mentioned equipment together with the implementation of best operating and management practices constantly contributes to the decrease of power and water consumption.
The production capacity of the brewery was considerably increased after the completion of these investments and the working conditions were improved in all departments.


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