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Cluj mini-brewery

Cluj mini-brewery

The brewery in Cluj is one of the first breweries acquired by SABMiller in Romania. The Bear is as of 1878 the emblem of the beer produced at Cluj. 1878 marks also the begin of the modern history of the brewery.


1991 a feasibility study and an action plan were developed in view of privatisation. 1992 URSUS became a joint stock company, fully owned by the state, being also registered on the first list of companies proposed for privatisation.  


The brand regained recognition upon privatisation and acquisition of S.C. URSUS S.A. by BRAU & BRUNNEN GmbH of Dortmund.


As of 1994 the company started to supply also areas close to Cluj, such as Bucharest and Constanta. This is also the year of the launch of the new Premium Pils in Euro bottles, the first Romanian beer labeled “Premium” and also the first to be advertised on television.


1995 URSUS Premium Pils was launched. S.C. URSUS S.A. became therefore the first company producing pils beer in Romania (Czechs were the first in the world to brew pils beer). One year later URSUS Premium Pils was the first Romanian beer packed in cans.



In November 1996 SOUTH AFRICAN BREWERIES LTD acquired SC Ursus SA’ shares stock from BRAU & BRUNNEN GmbH, SAB becoming the main shareholder of SC URSUS SA and the largest beer producer in Romania.


The 7th of July 2011 marks the date of the restart of the production of beer in Cluj on the location of the old brewery, however in a very special format, the brewery being a place where people in Cluj can watch how fresh beer is brewed. The new brewery is actually named FABRICA DE BERE URSUS, and the intense experience of the special beer produced in this location is being described as “Pure, Unfiltered Art”.


FABRICA DE BERE URSUS will offer a unique beer experience in Romania, as it was developed based on the values and the local tradition of URSUS beer. Beer lovers will be able to see how beer is made on the production line installed here, will admire images and objects from the old brewery and will enjoy Unfiltered URSUS, especially created for Cluj. The location includes a bar, a restaurant and a terrace with a total capacity of about 300 places. The people who come here will find good food, a traditional menu, tailored to meet the taste of a fresh beer. Together with Unfiltered URSUS, other URSUS beers will be available here: URSUS Premium, URSUS Black and URSUS Non-Alcohol.


The whole project of reconfiguration of the old brewery area was designed by Ursus Breweries’ team and its collaborators, together with the people of Cluj. The name and the logo were chosen by on-line public vote. The plans, the actual design and the construction and arrangement works were done by local companies. The recipe of the special beer launched on this occasion was chosen following a tasting event with people from Cluj. The pure art of brewing URSUS beer is continued by the team coordinated by Monica Mandrutiu, the Master Brewer of Ursus Breweries. Unfiltered URSUS will be available only at FABRICA DE BERE URSUS and few selected locations in Cluj.


Cluj plays an important role in the life of our company, therefore Ursus Breweries will maintain a dynamic presence in the city, continuing to be a part of the local community, through the projects the people of Cluj have been used to, projects of the like of Transylvanian Movie Festival or URSUS Evolution, as well as other novelties, tailored to the town, its inhabitants and to the cultural life of the place.


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