Responsible consumption of alcohol

Our belief

We've made discouraging irresponsible drinking one of our top sustainable development priorities. The reason is simple. When people drink too much, they can hurt themselves, other people, and the communities that help give us our livelihood. No one benefits, not even us.


There is no simple solution. We believe, however, there are things that make a difference. Things like making sure information about alcohol is accurate and balanced. Enforcing laws against drinking and driving, underage drinking, and disorderly conduct. And, reaching out to people who are most at risk to help them.


Different things work in different markets. So, our efforts are locally designed and run, with help from local partners. Although our campaigns may look a little different around the globe, they are all built on our six core principles on alcohol.


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Ursus Breweries launched the  website with the aim to encourage consumers to take informed decisions when it comes to alcohol consumption. The website offers people accurate and balanced information about various aspects of alcohol consumption.  is a source of information for all stakeholders interested in discouraging irresponsible alcohol consumption.




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