What are we looking for?

Focus on results

Focus your entire work on getting results consistent with market demands, always be ready to overcome your limits and do not forget how important it is to assume responsibility for the decisions and the work you carry out.

Strategic vision

It is important to own the ability to see the big picture and to always be prepared for thinking "out of the box." Your vision can make a difference and can ensure the continued success of our brand.

Innovative perspective

We support and we want inventive people to join us, people with entrepreneurial spirit, desire to change and promote change when it is needed. So be innovative and you can be part of our team.

Team spirit

Teamwork defines us and the working atmosphere is the one that gives people the urge to be the best. As such, we want you to be a good colleague and develop your social skills and relating both to build a pleasant working environment and to solidify relationships with our partners.

Leadership skills

Successful companies are those that own authentic leaders. Be one of them, develop a high performance team and you will have a place among us.

Integrity and Ethics

Promoting work based on ethics and integrity is necessary and normal, we appreciate and reward people who understand and adopt brand values and last but not least, we rely on unbiased and respectful individuals.


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